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  • Danae Huala

Virtual Sommeliers: An Era of Autonomous Learning Begins

hands holding smartphones showing wine bottles and wine glasses

We know that the world of technology is advancing at an accelerated pace, adapting to the needs of a public that demands more information, of better quality and as much as possible in an instantaneous way. These needs on the part of the users put to test the creativity of the companies which appear with products and services that we must admit, cause us curiosity and incite us to check their usability.

In the field of wine and wine tasting, the role of the sommelier, who guides and advises you through the tasting journey, is of utmost importance. But it is also true that sommeliers are not found everywhere in the wine market, which is why a new service tool has recently been launched: virtual sommeliers, created by the famous AI (Artificial Intelligence).

illustration of a virtual sommelier app. A bottle of wine coming out of a laptop screen to serve a glass of red wine

Virtual Sommeliers Here to Advice you!

A few wine apps you need to know about

These virtual assistants are there to guide you in the following areas:

virtual sommelier app

The benefits of Virtual Sommeliers

Among the advantages of these tools, autonomous learning stands out as they are intuitive apps and user-friendly. This ensures a virtuous user experience which is also easily accessible as it is at your fingertips, on your smartphone!

This software manages databases, with wines from all over the world. From the iconic Bordeaux blends, and celebratory bubbles, of Champagne, to the elegant aromatic and structured wines of the new world and so on, the list of wines for all palates will continue to expand.

two men having a glass of red wine during a virtual wine tasting

These Apps can also be incorporated into corporate events, including virtual wine tastings organized by companies operating in virtual and/or hybrid modes to create team building.

Other events can range from wine masterclasses and virtual sommelier classes to international workshops and university programs. An opportunity for wine businesses to promote their products, enhance their profitability and diversify their offerings by integrating these Apps.

illustration of Virtual sommelier iapp. Male sommelier in a dark setting
Maridaje Perfecto

Virtual tools: Complementary or Conflicting

But, if we look at the other side of the coin, what happens in the tasting process that involves the other senses, the multi-sensoriality? We let ourselves be advised by a tool, but at the moment of differentiating the aromas and tasting, are we getting it right with the attributes of the wines that are pointed out to us? Undoubtedly, it is an experience to which we should give a chance to draw our conclusions.

And you, would you take the dive and trust these virtual tools for wine recommendations? If you do, tell us how it goes!


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