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  • Darya Boronilo

The Most Incredible Harvest Experiences in the World

woman picking red grapes for winemaking

Harvesting is the most special time for winemakers all over the globe. Their hard work throughout the year culminates in the reward of ripe grapes, from which the next generation of wine is born. As autumn approaches, it's no wonder that wine regions are filled with a festive atmosphere. In this blog post, we will travel to discover the most incredible harvest experiences in the world. Join us to discover these enjoyable events and plan your next incredible harvest experience!

Picking Godello grapes in Galicia, Spain

Imagine yourself in the midst of a beautiful vineyard on an autumn morning in Northern Spain, picking grapes during harvest time. It's the perfect experience for wine lovers, as you'll have the chance to harvest unique white Godello grapes in some of the region's most stunning vineyards and hear stories from wine-grape growers and winemakers.

close up on hands holding godello grapes

After-harvest program usually consists of a visit to the winery to learn all about the wine-making process, and a private wine tasting in the cellars. When done with work and tasting, you can head to Ribeira Sacra, located in the heart of Galicia, boasting a wealth of cultural heritage dating back to the 12th century. Take a leisurely stroll around old monasteries amidst chestnut tree forests alongside the River Sil – a perfect activity for a sunny afternoon.

Enjoying breathtaking views in Neszmély, Hungary

Neszmély wine region has a rich wine history spanning over two thousand years. From the time of Emperor Probus' legions to the era of the Pannonhalma Abbey monks, many people have contributed to the cultivation of local traditions. For a great harvest experience head to Hilltop Neszmély estate offering truly breathtaking views over the River Danube and Gerecse mountains that surround it. Hosting a spacious restaurant with a large terrace, a tempting swimming pool, and a wine hotel, the estate is an ideal place to discover Hungarian wines and hospitality.

And the harvest is a great opportunity to get first-hand experience. During the harvest, visitors can join in the grape picking and make their own fresh must. Lunch includes delicious dishes like beef stew with red wine and a grape cream dessert. Don't miss trying Hilltop Irsai Törköly Pálinka, a spirit made from Irsai Olivér grape. After lunch, guests can enjoy various sports activities and an exclusive wine tasting at the hilltop.

Hilltop Neszmély wine  estate
Photo © Hilltop Neszmély wine estate

Join the Camel Harvest in Lanzarote, Spain

Camels help with harvest at Bermejos
Harvesting at Bermejos. Photo © Peio Arruabarrena.

The Lanzarote harvest is the first of the wine-producing areas in Europe. Discover autochthonous varieties such as Listán Negro, Malvasía Volcanica, and Listán Blanco, that you won’t meet in Continental Europe.

Participate in one of the most exciting and laborious festivals in the world: the harvest of grapes raised in volcanic ash, in the La Geria region of Lanzarote. Become a part of the traditional process as grapes are transported to the cellar on camels and then extract the must by stepping on them with your bare feet.

The moonlike landscape of La Geria is another miracle. The vineyards, looking as if they were impacted by meteorites, are a unique viticulture system: cones dug in volcanic soils by hand, generation after generation, since the Timanfaya volcano covered this valley with its ashes in the 18th century. Going through these landscapes and doing tastings in their wineries is a way of understanding the peculiarities of this region, its roots, and the mineral notes of its wines.

Handpicking  grapes in La Geria. Wine harvest
Handpicking in La Geria

Celebrate the National Harvest Festival in Mendoza, Argentina

National harvest festival in Mendoza, Argentina

The National Harvest Festival in Mendoza, held annually, ranks among the planet's most significant and beloved celebrations. Uniting culture, tradition, and various art forms, it has evolved into a prime attraction for tourists visiting Mendoza. The Frank Romero Day Greek Theater becomes the stage for three nights in early March, showcasing the essence of Mendoza to the world.

The festivities commence in December with each of the 18 departments of Mendoza hosting unique events, featuring music, poetry, popular songs, and dances. Subsequently, every department presents its festivity on a larger scale, enlisting hundreds of artists, live orchestras, and special effects. These captivating spectacles narrate stories tied to each region, building up their distinct identities. The crowning touch comes with the selection of a Harvest Queen in each department.

The Fiesta Nacional de la Vendimia reflects the celebration of the grape transformed into wine. Mendoza, Argentina
The Fiesta Nacional de la Vendimia, Mendoza

Delve Into Winemaking Heritage in Logroño, Rioja, Spain

In La Rioja, wine is not just a beverage, it's a cherished tradition. As September begins, the grape harvest commences in Logroño, heralding the Rioja Wine Harvest Festival, also known as the festivities of San Mateo. This week-long celebration reaches its peak on September 21, coinciding with the feast of San Mateo (St. Matthew). With wine enthusiasts from all over the world, the city dives into a festive ambiance. As the sun sets, the real party begins! Get ready to experience the best nightlife in town on streets like Calle San Agustín, Calle Laurel, and Calle San Juan. Grab your friends, put on your dancing shoes, and let the night take you to the bustling bars.

The grape treading event is the heart of the festival. It usually happens on the second day of the Rioja Wine Harvest Festival at Plaza de Espolón Square. Grapes are gathered and poured into a big vat on stage. Two men, dressed in traditional festival attire, roll up their trouser legs, take off their shoes, and step into the vat. They stomp the grapes barefoot while turning with their arms intertwined, just like in the old days. The resulting must is then poured into a clay pitcher. The first pitcher of must from that year's harvest is offered to the Virgin of Valvanera, the Patron Saint of La Rioja. It's a beautiful tradition you'll want to witness!

Grape stomping in Logroño.
Photo © Ayuntamiento de Logroño.

Harvest Grapes with local families in Kakheti, Georgia

Georgia is the oldest wine-making region in the world, and its history is deeply connected to grape production. If you visit this country, you'll definitely be offered a glass of Georgian wine. In the Kakheti Wine Region, as the leaves change color in the high Caucasus, the vines are laden with red-tipped Rkatsiteli grapes, ready for harvesting and wine-making. This harvest time is a celebration known as Rtveli.

Rtveli, wine harvest in Georgia
Rtveli at Wine Yard N1. Photo © Tika

Families and friends come together from all around the region to harvest grapes, make wine, and enjoy a big Georgian-style feast called a supra. You too can spend days participating in Rtveli with local families and find that it is an embodiment of Georgian hospitality. With excitement Georgians welcome all - friends and strangers, to share laughter, music, food, and of course, wine.


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